Glendale Communitas Initiative

Photograph provided by Dana Hursey Photography

Welcome to the Glendale Communitas Initiative where we partner with individuals and families to create a pathway out of poverty.

We do this by providing comprehensive poverty prevention and recovery programs personalized for individuals and families. Based in Glendale, California, Communitas collaborates with various civic, business, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations to leverage local resources, offer classes, and our own programming to help people move from crisis to stability. We firmly believe that by  – Overcoming poverty, together! –  and providing access to resources & services and promoting community events, we are able to highlight the good work already being done and help make Glendale and the surrounding area an even more vibrant community.

So if you’re here because you may need a hand or are here to lend one (or maybe just get a little more information) – we’re glad you’re here.