Join Caesura Youth Orchestra Summer Camp!


Below is an open letter from the President of one of our community partners, Caesura Youth Orchestra. They’re hosting a summer music camp and there’s still time to register your child. Read below to learn more.

The Caesura Youth Orchestra (CYO) is just completing it’s first year of service to the Glendale community. Our pilot program this school year was with students at the Cerritos Elementary School in south Glendale. CYO provides free music education, free group lessons and free instruments to participating students. Students who stay with the program for three years are able to keep the instruments to enhance their musical experience for the rest of their life.

The first group of students, ages 9-12 years old began in the Fall with virtually no knowledge of music. While the school provides a teacher to come to the school one day each week, she must provide music to over 400 students during that day including some small instrumental groups. CYO provides an after school program four days each week for two hours each day. The students initially learn to care for instruments and how to read music with a recorder. During the last month they have been introduced to an instrument of their choice of a clarinet, saxophone, flute or violin.

Many of these instruments were donated by members of the community and refurbished. In addition to learning music, the students learn the importance of team building by helping each other in learning music and in performances in class and in public.


The first CYO Summer Music Camp will be held at the Roosevelt Middle School from June 8-July 10. Participating students will come to the school from 9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday. They will be given music education, sectional rehearsals and workshops, full ensemble rehearsal and lunch each day. The Summer Music Camp will conclude with a public performance at Roosevelt Middle School, 222 E Acacia Avenue on Friday, July 10 at 7 PM. Students in the art class at Cerritos will be providing an art exhibit at the performance.

Community members are providing support for the CYO students by providing a scholarship allowing them to attend at no cost. We are grateful to the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, Oakwood Financial Management and individuals for their support.

Other students wishing to attend the Summer Music Camp may contact Dave Ferguson, CYO President for an application and fee information. Please visit our website for more information about the Caesura Youth Orchestra,

Dave Ferguson