Need a hand?

We’re here to help. Our primary focus is in lending a hand to help people get back up on their feet. You can check out our resources tab to directly connect with local services or you can contact our Case Manager for support or references, and to enroll in our primary program.

The Communitas Poverty Recovery program is one solution for some us in crisis; a comprehensive approach with a personal touch serving the residents of Glendale and the immediately surrounding communities.

For those who need a quick boost of support our JumpStart program might be just what you need. A quick 90–Day version specifically geared towards those who may have recently lost a job, had a life change, or need a little guidance on their pathway to success.

Asking for help can be scary and difficult. However, we’re here to help make that process as easy we possibly can. Reach out and let’s see how we can help get you going again and back on your way.

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